Sublime | Platino Luxury Condominium Penang

Sublime | Platino Luxury Condominium Penang

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Here when you burst awake, you will not find yourself grasping around for a light switch, hoping for a respite from the colors, for although the space is brightly lit and energizing, it is also laid-back in its sensibilities. The colors complement the grays and blacks and creams that dominate – and complement them in a way that is just as quiet as you would expect from a home such as this one, a home made for nights in and revelry uncovered. Hosting for dinner or lounging around with a book by yourself, you will feel just as cozy as you can be in this place. There is a fine overlook of the skyline from the living room, and both the bedroom and the study are spacious and inviting. Stretch out!


Platino Luxury Condominium Penang, Malaysia


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