Ethos | Permai Gardens Penang

Ethos | Permai Gardens Penang

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From the outset, the clients made it clear that they valued fresh and intriguing approaches to layout with good aesthetic and sensibilities. Silence, and absolutely snug and cozy are set as principles to showcase an oasis of comfort and style right in the heart of urban chaos. The main living spaces and master en-suite imbued with a series of slate grey materials, when the light poured in through the windows it washed over the surfaces with abandon. On the contrary, the kids and playroom painted with a magic, a whimsy, a vibrancy of color that contrasts neatly with the artful approach in the rest of the home. The dialogue between solid and void, between monotone and vibrancy, between active and static plays a drama within the space while the colors and textures of materials sing the ultimate high tone for the show.


Permai Gardens, Penang, Malaysia


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