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Commune | One Tanjong Penang

Commune | One Tanjong Penang

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The color and the personality of Commune are subdued, and yet simultaneously, they seem to dance with each other. The grays, blacks, beiges, and browns all pop out in their own ways, giving way to the next one abruptly but with a smoothness that characterizes the entire interior design. There are sharp angles, their lines zipping by you, putting you at ease while they with each other, striking a tone of vibrancy amid the quiet, understated style. Out of the materials, luxury bursts forth undeniably and irresistibly. It is clear what this place is, what it stands for and what goes on here – the refinement of the place. There are beautiful textures on the wood and the marble, and the furniture is exquisite, fitting neatly into the splendor so evident in every room.


One tanjong Penang, Malaysia


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